Investment Process

At Emin Capital, we believe responsible and sustainable investing extends beyond the evaluation of quantitative factors and traditional fundamental analysis. We recognize that these environmental, social and governance factors can affect investment performance, expose potential investment risks and provide an indication of management excellence and leadership. As a result, it is important for our investment professionals to understand how factors influence our investment decisions. To this end, Emin Capital is working to more formally integrate the analysis of these factors into our investment and company engagement processes, because the process of investing in real estate more labour-intensive than it may seem, and requires sophisticated investment professionals with a diverse range of skills including, design, engineers, accounting, tax, Hospitality, legal and planner expertise.

We typically review and evaluate around 30-50 assets opportunities every year, and only 3-5 are pre-screened to bring to the investment committee each year, and enter into the due diligence process. All potential investments are evaluated using our thorough and systematic investment process and proprietary research systems.

Historically, we have been able to negotiate advantageous investment terms because of our prior experience and reputation.

Our senior executives have worked on other funds and some board members have also been part of investment advisory boards, which allow us to ensure effective governance, resolution of conflicts of interest, and an ongoing alignment of interests between fund investment managers and their investors.