Emin Capital is an independent private equity firm, who bases its business, in the real estate market. Founded in 2007 as a consequence of the financial crises on the real estate market in Europe, and were so many investors saw South America, as the solution and the continuation of they investment policy.

Our only mission is have succes, creating a firm that put investors needs first, with same fundamentals and main principals of integrity, because people do business with people they like and trust, and as a relationship-driven firm, we are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency, knowing it takes years to build a strong partnership and reputation, and that’s we seek continually to understand and align the interests of all investors, and we treat everyone with fairness and respect.

We began with a modest balance sheet, but creating world-class innovators investment, on a foundation of uncompromising commitment to excellence, and as result of that, today, with a high-quality management team, guided by a global vision with a local perspective, Emin capital key objectives are to achieve above average risk-adjusted returns on its investments; to assist in the diversification of a unique portfolio, and to provide stakeholders with growth, diversification, and strategic investments.

Emin Capital underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment criteria, targeting businesses with good management and credible strategies, fully convinced, that we have an excellent opportunity to play a leading role in the Spanish real estate market in the next year’s ahead.